Electrocution Accidents: How to Bring a Legal Claim?


Electrocution is a serious and often fatal injury caused by electric current. Electrocution refers to electric shock and burns. Proper safety gear, electrical equipment upkeep, and worker training can prevent electrocutions.

Workers’ Compensation: The Criteria for Elective Surgery in Injury Workers

Workers’ compensation is a system in the United States and many other countries that provide benefits to injured employees or contract an illness at work. State governments usually administer the program as part of social welfare programs. In some cases, workers’ compensation may also cover the costs of elective surgery. In general, workers’ compensation covers two […]

How to Minimize Effects of an Electric Shock Injury

Electric Shock | DYS Law Group

Even though electricity has made a big difference in how we live, it can still be a very dangerous source of energy. If it isn’t controlled properly, electricity can cause serious injuries or even death.