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Work Injury: Why Foot And Ankle Injuries Are Common In The Workplace?

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Workplace ankle and foot injuries are second only to lower back strains and sprains. They are second only to strains and sprains of the lower back. It is likely due to the number of aair jordan 1 affordable air jordan jordan proto max 720 nike air max 270 bg nike air jordan 1 mid se air max 95 sale air jordan 4 military black air jordan retro 1 mid casual shoes air max goaterra 2.0 nike jordan series 06 air max goaterra 2.0 nike air force jordan air jordan mid 40 nike air max 90 futura nike jordan series 06 ctivities that involve our feet and ankles. From standing in one place for long periods to walking or running on uneven surfaces, there are many ways to injure these parts of our bodies, as repetitive motions or awkward movements often cause these injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, musculoskeletal disorders are the most common type of injury in the workplace. It includes foot and ankle injuries. Here we will explore some common causes of workplace and ways to prevent them.

Ankle & Foot Injuries at the Workplace

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that nearly 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses occurred in 2016. Over a million of those were musculoskeletal disorders, including ankle and foot injuries. Foot & Ankle injuries are two of the most common body parts injured. Many potential causes of ankle and foot injuries include slips and falls, contact with objects, and repetitive movements.

If you work in an industry that poses a risk of ankle or foot injury, it is essential to protect yourself. Some standard measures that can get taken to prevent Foot And Ankle injuries include wearing proper safety gear, taking breaks to stretch, and being aware of your surroundings.

If you’re an employer, it’s essential to be aware of the most common types of ankle and foot injuries in the workplace and take steps to prevent them. Some of the most common causes of Foot & Ankle injuries include:

– Struck by object

– Caught in or compressed in between object

– Repetitive Motions

– Tripping on an object in the workplace

– Falling from a height

– Pushing or pulling heavy objects

– Twisting the ankle when landing awkwardly from a jump

– Poorly maintained walkways and working areas

– Lack of safety equipment, such as safety shoes and mats

– Ignorance of safe work

Why are Ankle & Foot Injuries so common in the workplace?

Injuries are common in the workplace for a variety of reasons.

  • One reason is that many people do not take the time to properly warm-up before they begin working. It can lead to muscle strains and other injuries.
  • Another reason why injuries are so common in the workplace is because many people do not take the time to wear the correct safety equipment. For example, many people do not wear proper footwear when working with chemicals. It can lead to chemical burns or other injuries.
  • Many people do not take the time to properly train themselves for the tasks they will perform at work.
  • Many jobs require employees to be on their feet for long periods. It can cause fatigue and make employees more susceptible to Foot And Ankle injuries.
  • Additionally, many workplaces do not have proper safety measures to protect employees from falls or other accidents that could lead to ankle or foot injuries.

Injuries in the workplace can have several consequences for employees. They can cause physical pain and suffering, lead to time off work, and even death. Employers need to take steps to prevent workplace ankle and foot injuries.

How to file an Foot And Ankle Injury Claim?

If you have suffered an ankle or foot injury at work, you may be wondering how to file a workers’ compensation claim. The process can seem alien and uncomfortable, but it can be much easier with the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

The first step is to report your Foot & Ankle injury to your employer. They will then fill out an incident report and send it to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. You will then need to see a doctor and receive a diagnosis. Once you have gotten treated for your injury, you must submit a claim to the insurance company or the Social Security Association. It can get done online, or you may do it in person.

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone, and foot and ankle injuries are no exception. If you have sustained a foot or ankle injury, you must get legal counsel. At the Law Offices of DYS, we can assist you in obtaining the workers’ compensation settlement that you deserve. To schedule your free consultation, call (213) 855-4749.

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