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A Construction Accident can be costly, but how much is your lawsuit worth?

Construction Accident | DYS Law Group

The construction sites are among the most dangerous places to work. Every year, thousands of employees in the U.S. become victims due to job-related accidents. Construction Site workers may suffer from injuries and even death due to defective equipment, lack of safety measures, or improper training.

There are over 2 million construction workers in the United States, and about 400,000 of them suffer injuries on the job each year. Accidents at construction sites are a leading cause of death for construction workers and account for 10% of workplace deaths.

Construction Site workers suffer from several injuries, including sprains and strains, amputations, fractures, burns, and electric shocks. Construction is often performed in tight and confined spaces, increasing the potential for accidents.

Most companies follow Occupational and Safety and Health Administration regulations to keep their workers safe from harm, but accidents still happen. Construction businesses need to be prepared to handle the aftermath when they do. It can be done through comprehensive workplace safety training programs and insurance policies covering medical expenses and legal fees.

Injuries classified as “serious” are compensated at 66 2/3 of the average weekly wage for a 5-day workweek. This compensation includes medical expenses that exceed three times. Less-serious injuries are compensated at 55%.

Common Construction Accidents and their settlement

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics starts that construction workers who have been hurt on the job receive, on average, $81,000 in compensatory damages from the company responsible for their injury, unemployment benefits, and other work-related payments like pension benefits medical coverage.

It’s clear that if you want to be compensated for your injury or loss, you should talk to a construction accident lawyer about what your rights are

There are different types of construction site accidents with varying degrees of severity. Listed below are a few examples:

Falls from height

According to OSHA, falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. OSHA has released guidelines for reducing the risk of falls at construction sites. It prohibits any employee from working at heights of more than 10 feet without a fall protection plan.

The average settlement for fall injuries from heights at construction accident sites is $324,000.

Electrocution & Contact with power lines

In the United States, electrocution claims are among the most common types of claims for construction accidents. Average settlement amounts for this type of injury can be anywhere from $300,000 to $1,000,000.

A study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) found that workers who came into Contact with power lines while on construction sites had average settlements of $34,000 after filing litigation. The study also found that construction sites are the third most likely place for workers to suffer electric shock injuries.

Caught between objects

Getting caught between objects at work happens when a worker gets his body in between two objects with space around him being too small to move out of the way of escape. For example, if a worker’s foot gets stuck in between a board and the wall, he would likely be able to get his foot out without significant injury.

A standard settlement for a caught between objects accident is $75,000.

Picking up heavy objects

Construction workers are at risk of injury when they are moving heavy objects. When an object is heavier than 50 pounds, the risk of injury increases, construction accidents involving heavy objects typically result in injuries to the lower back, neck, and other joints.

The average settlement for a construction accident involving an object weighing more than 50 pounds is $46,000.

Exposure to harmful chemicals

Construction workers exposed to harmful chemicals are at risk of developing chronic health conditions and diseases later in life like cancer, asthma, and heart disease.

4.2% of construction workers exposed to harmful chemicals throughout their careers died before the age of 50. The average settlement for a construction accident where someone was exposed to harmful chemicals is $200,000.

If you are curious about filing a Construction Accident Claims, refer here.

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