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Can my claim be denied?

A workers compensation claim can be denied for many reasons. Sometimes the reasons are legitimate such as failing to submit the proper forms in time, or failing to have medical evidence of your injury. However, sometimes employers or insurance companies will make up excuses for denying work injury claims.
If your work injury claim was denied our qualified, dedicated, and zealous work comp attorneys will help you to challenge the decision. Don’t delay, because there are deadlines for filing the necessary papers to contest the denial of your claim.

Can I object to the denial of my claim?

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If you want to object to the denial of your work injury claim, you will need to file a case at one of their divisions 24 offices located around the State of California. Each Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) office is a trial court where disputes that arise from work injury claims are decided by a workers compensation administrative law judge without a jury. Whenever a dispute arises about workers compensation benefits, the attorneys at DYS Law Group can give you the advice or help you need.

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Consulting with a workers’ compensation attorney at the Workers’ Compensation California will increase the chances your claim will be accepted. Denied claims are extremely difficult to turn accepted and taking on this legal task all by yourself is extremely difficult. For this reason, your best chance of getting your denied claim accepted is to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to sit you down and walk you though the legal steps that need to be taken to turn your case around and get you the medical and financial benefits you deserve.


Frequently Asked Questions

When an insurance claim is denied, the responding insurance company is refusing to pay for the requested damages at that time. With some convincing or further investigation, an insurance company can reverse its denial and pay some or all of the damages noted in the claim.

Denied claims are claims that were received and processed by the payer and deemed unpayable. A rejected claim contains one or more errors found before the claim was processed.

If your claim has already been rejected or denied because of a data entry mistake, you can always call the insurer and ask for a reconsideration. Claim denials can often be resolved over the phone, but you can also submit an appeal in writing.


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